Frank Chavez


(917) 346-8307

9609 E. Sligh Ave.

Tampa, FL  33610


Selected Designs:

Handle With Care: Scenic                                              Stageworks                                   Director: Jimmy Kontos                 2014

The Divine Sister: Scenic & Costume                            Stageworks                                   Director: Karla Hartley                  2014

A Raisin in the Sun: Scenic                                             Stageworks                                   Director: Ron Bobb-Semple         2013

Legally Blonde: Scenic & Costume                                University of N. Colorado            Director: John Leonard                 2013

The Piano Lesson: Scenic                                              American Stage                            Director: Mark Clayton Southers 2013 

Little Shop of Horrors: Scenic                                        Little Theatre of the Rockies        Director: John Leonard                2013

Sylvia: Scenic & Costume                                               Stageworks                                   Director: Karla Hartley                  2013

To Kill A Mockingbird: Scenic & Costume                     Stageworks                                   Director: Anna Brennen               2012

Seven Guitars: Scenic                                                    American Stage                             Director: Bob Devin Jones          2012

The Blue Room: Costumes                                            Stageworks                                   Director: Karla Hartley                  2011

Footloose : Costumes                                                    University of N. Colorado             Director : Monty Black                 2011

Chicago: Costumes                                                        Little Theatre of the Rockies        Director: John Leonard               2010

Steel Magnolias: Costumes                                           Little Theatre of the Rockies        Director: Tom McNally                 2010

25th Annual ...Spelling Bee: Costumes                        Little Theatre of the Rockies        Director: Beth Malone                 2010

Hair: Costumes                                                               American Stage                            Director: Eric Davis                      2010

Blithe Spirit: Costumes                                                   American Stage                            Director: Dan Lombardo             2010

This Wonderful Life: Scenic                                           American Stage                            Director: Todd Olson                   2009

King Hedley II: Scenic                                                    American Stage                            Director: Bob Devin Jones         2009

Hay Fever: Scenic                                                           Little Theatre of the Rockies       Director: David Grapes II            2009

Joseph…Dreamcoat: Scenic & Costumes                     Little Theatre of the Rockies       Director: John Leonard              2009

Taffetas: Scenic                                                               Little Theatre of the Rockies       Director: David Grapes II            2009

Alter Boys: Costumes                                                     American Stage                            Director: Steven Flaa                 2009

Souvenir: Scenic                                                             American Stage                            Director: Steven Flaa                 2008

Quilters: Scenic & Costumes                                         Little Theatre of the Rockies        Director: David Grapes II           2008

Hamlet: Scenic                                                                American Stage                            Director: Todd Olson                 2008

Moonlight & Magnolias: Costumes                                American Stage                            Director: Drew Fletcher            2008

Six Feet Under - Ghosts of the Undead: Costumes    MTV Music Video                          Director: Mario Framingheddu 2007

Casa Blue: Last Moments in the Life

of Frida Kahlo: Costumes                                              American Stage                             Director: Todd Olson                 2007

Crumbs from the Table of Joy: Costumes                   University of South Florida            Director: Fanni Green               2006

Copenhagen: Costumes                                               Gorilla Theatre                               Director: Nancy Cole                2005

Rain, River, Ice & Steam: Costumes                              Six Figures Theatre Co.                Director: Kim Keffigan               2003

Out of Gas at Lovers Leap: Costumes                          Flatiron Playhouse                       Director: Danielle Liccardo        2002

Edward III: Costumes                                                     The Mint & Bank St. Theatre        Director: Heater Macalister       2001

Legendary St. Vincent Design: Costumes                    Wings Theatre                              Director: Jules Ochoa                2001

Life During Wartime: Costumes                                     Inertia Productions                       Director: Kevin Kittle                  2001

(2001 New York OOBR award) 

Hip Hop Shakespeare: Scenic                                      George St. Playhouse                   Director: Ted Sod                      2000

And Then They Came For Me: Scenic                         George St. Playhouse                   Director: Wendy Liscow            2000

Papageno: Scenic & Costumes                                     New Jersey State Opera              Director: Michael Capasso       1999

Taming of the Shrew: Costumes                                   Colonial Theatre                           Director: Harland Meltzer          1999

Steel Magnolias: Scenic                                                Colonial Theatre                            Director: Roy Steinberg             1999

Fishin’: Scenic                                                                 Irish Arts Center                           Director: Peter Webb                  1998

The Flame Keeper: Scenic                                            Luna Stage                                    Director: Chuck Goforth             1998



                                Bachelor of Arts 1994                                             Master of Fine Arts 1998

                                Scenic/Costume Design                                         Scenic/Costume Design

                                University of South Florida                                     Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University

                                Tampa, FL                                                                 New Brunswick, NJ


                                David Grapes II                                                      Jules Ochoa                                  Karla Hartley

                                Director for the School of Theatre & Dance       Director                                          Director &

                                University of Northern Colorado                         (917) 405-5600                              Stageworks Producing                                       (970) 351-2323                                                                     Artistic  Director                          

                                                                                                                    (813) 374-2416